She is Cosmiic.-

Amy was born in Norway, she's 22 years old.

Instagram: Sheiscosmiic (:

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farkas molnár - house on letjő street, budapest, 1932

Ironclad alibi via /r/funny


The Fallstreak Cloud is a hole made in a cloud naturally. These holes are made because of the cloud’s water temp. being below freezing, but have not frozen yet. Then, when ice crystals do start to form, the water droplets along the ice crystals begin to evaporate, causing the “punched hole” look in the cloud. (This could also be an answer to some UFO sightings) NATURE IS SO COOL.
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Yay for cool, factual information in the sixpenceee tag!

While travelling across Europe, a Romanian host of mine had a cat too beautiful not to share. This is Teemo.